Things to Note Before Venturing into any Business in Nigeria

Things to Note Before Venturing into any Business in Nigeria

Hello dear, welcome to this wonderful tutorial on things to be considered before venturing in to any business. Business is one thing that demines the growth of every economy.

Before starting any business you need to think of the risks involved, how you will make profits and more.

Make a good survey: before you kick off any business, take time and gathered useful information from people that are already doing the business; these people will tell more on how to go about the business and they will also tell you when to expect high profit and more.

Don’t invest because other are investing, don’t go into any business because others are doing the business, if you do you will end up having little or nothing in return.  Make sure you have interest and at least know 45% on how to run the business. Before venturing into any business, make sure you know little about the business.

Give your business time to grow: time is one thing every business needs, if you open a business today and expect to get huge money same day then know you are lying to yourself. You have to give your new start up some time to grow.  One you business starts getting noticed by people you will start making good sells.

Advertise your business: if you have good advertising skill then your business will grow to any limit you want, but if you don’t, you may end up closing your business in the first two years. If you know you don’t have good marketing skill, then try to employ qualified marketer to do the marketing work for you. Any business that is not marketed properly will not make satisfactory sells. You can hire any marketing company to help you promote your goods and services to the general public.

Marketing helps a lot, if you move around the streets of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt; you will see big posters containing different company’s information.


How to use Facebook messenger and grow your business online.

Do you know that Facebook is improving every day? and everyone is actually heading to Facebook. Some visit Facebook for business while others visit for fun.

You can actually turn your business profit and grow even bigger through Facebook messenger. There are so many ways you can promote your business online through Facebook.

Members are given the privileges to own a free Facebook page were they can have as many friends or likes as they want.
Facebook has written several guidelines on how to create a page on Facebook. Getting g people that will read your page through Facebook messenger is simple. Your friends can become your likers or even followers, it all depends on how want it to be.

So many brands has grown bigger and even better through Facebook. Account creation is free and you are allows to have only on account. If you wish to have more than one business page, you can, but you only have right to one account.

Facebook messenger can change your brand and make you popular if you follow guidelines on Facebook and some other websites. Setting up your Facebook account doesn’t require much technical know-how these days.

The steps to join has now being made very easy and anyone who know little about how to access the internet can defiantly join Facebook messenger.

There are ten of thousand of Facebook pages on the Internet. Some many of them are very popular and few are just managing to survive the social media. If you have few friends who are already on Facebook messenger, you can connect with them once you sign up. Now its even automatic once you have them on your email account or phone box, you have option to decline if you don’t want.

Since your friends are already on Facebook, they can help you make your business a success online.People now prefer buying things online due to the comfort involved.

You can make a website of your own and promote your business online via your website. If you have good organic search engine visitor coupled with Facebook visitors, then you will surely make it huge online.

Things to consider before using Facebook messenger for business: You have to ensure the people you connect with are interested in what you sale. Your service or goods should be presented in a unique way. Don’t rush things by manipulating likes, just let everything flow normal okay.
You have to try to increase your Facebook visibility by posting original information about your business.

There hundreds of companies who own Facebook page, connect with them and share ideas okay. Give them reason why you can work towards ensuring a better industry with them. Don’t worry them too much, just keep it clear and cool.
Download and use the messenger application on your Mobile phone. Pictures speaks millions of worlds, your business will grow faster, if you share every moments with your friends on Facebook. Try to improve your online presence and you will get more good things from Facebook.

Don’t just chat, try to use Facebook and improve your business.


Becoming successful in Business in Nigeria.

Today I will be teaching you some of the little but most neglected factors that every Nigerian business man should know.

One of the reasons why many Nigerian-based businesses fail within two years of business startup is mainly due to poor planing. As the old saying goes “When you fail to plan, then you are unconsciously planning to fail”.

Most Nigerians fail to plan how their business will go and when they fail to plan, their business will start falling down. Right away, I will explain some of the things you can do, and the ones to avoid if you are planing of becoming a successful business man or woman in Nigeria.

1. Don’t rely on PHCN (NEPA). You already know the nature of our electricity distribution here in Nigeria, if you leave your office electricity in the hand of Nepa you will surely have little or more loss by the end of every month. To avoid being trapped by power outage, it’s advisable for you to buy a good standby generator. Getting a generator will help you get some things fixed well when ever there is no Nepa light.

2. Getting down all your daily transactions: By doing this, you will get to know when you are lossing much and when you are making much profits. Sales book is one thing that some Nigerian business men don’t have, and this makes them spend cash without knowing how much is left in their pocket. If you want to be very successful in business, try to get yourself a sales book.

3. Poor management: It kills a business very fast and some times it does lead to lack of intreast in doing the business. When you have management that aren’t able to manage your companies daily transactions, am sorry to tell you that your company will be as good as dead.

To avoid this, try employing the adequate work force that is required in overseing your day to day business transactions. Don’t use becuase of money and get people that know nothing about your business. If you do, you will just bring down the business in no distant time.

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