Portable, Zazoo Crooner: It’s Okay For A Man To Be With Many Women

portable, Portable, Zazoo Crooner: It's Okay
Portable, Zazoo Crooner: It's Okay

Portable, a popular Nigeria afrobeat singer dropped some reasons why people should people should not discourage polygamy families.

He explain this on his instagram story, where he said that it is possible for a man to marry many women as his wives while he futher said that a woman should only be with one man.

In addition to that, he futher adviced men to make money, earn a living and boost their status before falling in love or even before marrying.

He Wrote on his word:

“ZAzoo One Man 🧒 For All Woman. Woman for one man that’s how it’s works✅️👑 Oba Ba Lori Oungbogbo Make Money Before You Love❤ If You No Get Money💰 Your caring Na Disturbance Aza Man. Every other Day Is Aza Man Get Money 💴 First Fall In Love Later”

Still Some Nigerian showed that they strongly disagree with him at the comment section.

For you, do you think you agreed with him?

say your mind at the comment

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