ITF Nigeria Industrial Training Fund

ITF Nigeria Industrial Training Fund

Industrial Training Fund –  – This organization has contributed much to the development of the Nigerian academic industrial work.

Industrial Training Fund educate students on how to use the useful importance of adequate man power. ITF has tried in their own ways to also help companies train their staffs.Industrial Training Fund was formed on 1971, and due to high rate of demand for skilled labour, they  enlarged their service to suit the request of the demand. A total of thirteen members governing council.

  1. Industrial Training Fund has two good skills training centres
  2. Standard three units Headquarters
  3. Centre for industrial, training excellence
  4. Industrial Training Fund area offices are twenty seven in number
  5. Operate in an approximately six department

Programs offered by industrial training fund ITF

  1. Direct Training
  2. Human resource development information and training technology service
  3. Industrial Training Fund also offers research and Consultancy Service
  4. Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES)
  5. Vocational and Apprentice Training

Aims, purpose  and objectives of industrial training fund ITF

The aims of Industrial Training Fund is to make sure that adequate manpower is been enhanced in the society. And their objective is finding the best way to make a better nation. Over the years they have been series of changing (updating) acts by Industrial Training Fund which we ware able to get that of 2011 and 2014.  ITF history shows that its creation created lots of jobs for the unemployed Nigerian youths especially for people that resides in Lagos, Abuja, Jos and other five states. Industrial training fund also create job by employing young Nigerian. Filling and submitting a job application form on the ITF recruitment registration page is quit easy and anyone  can do it. is the rightful industrial training fund website. You can visit the website from here ITF NIGERIA  if you would like to know more about ITF logo and latest/trending updates.


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