How to Start a Bead Making Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Bead Making Business in Nigeria

I received a mail from one of my readers saying she was thinking of venturing into a bead making business in Nigeria and I should give my thoughts and advice. Well I’m not an expert on bead making but I am an expert in research lol. So for any other lady that may be  considering bead making as a source of income I have decided to share my research publicly.

Bead making does not require too a lot of capital to start with 20,000 Naira or less you can actually start up. I believe that everyone should do what they have passion for and not because it seems easy. Nothing in life is easy but nothing is impossible. So if you love using your hands and you love fashion and colours and creativity then give it a shot.


If you have little or no training in making beads then i recommend you get one. Here a 3 ways you can get training:

– Register for skill acquisition classes: You can register for skill acquisition classes on making beads when you see an opening for one. Many of these teachers have been into the business for long and are not just skilled in the art of making a particular pattern but will share various skills and varieties that will give you an edge over your competitors in the market.

– Ask a skilled bead maker to give you some lessons: You can ask any bead maker around to give you some lessons for a fee (if she/he says no, ask another) if you are lucky you may even meet someone that will be willing to pass on her knowledge for free but you”ll never know until you ask.

– Youtube your best friend: If the two methods above are expensive or don’t just go down well with you then just download tutorial videos from youtube. there is nothing youtube cannot teach you. You will be surprised the kind of skills you will acquire and start off and as you make some cash you can further expand your knowledge.



– Tiger Tail Flexible Beading Wires  they cost N3500 for a pack; they are used to connect the beads together.

 Lobster Claw Clasp they cost N1000 for 100 pieces i.e one pack; they are the hooks at the tip.

 Beading Board it cost N2000; they are used to hold beads and layout designs.

Wire Cutters it cost N3000; they are used to cut the wires.

– Nose Pliers it cost N2500; used to grasp the wire
 Beads they cost N3000 for 1000 pieces
Other items needed are gum, scissors, divider and needles.


This is the most important part of business, there is no need having a business you do not market, how will people know about it and if they don’t know to but your product of what use is your business in the fist place? you must make sure your business reach your desired costumers by any means possible.
Family and friends: I have always  said the first way to promote your business is by using people around you. your sisters, aunties, girlfriends are your first marketers. Give them some free samples to wear and advertise to their friends
Social Media: facebook, twitter, googleplus instagram bbm cannot be an option in this 21st century. You must use these social platform to showcase your work. You must have an archieve where you direct people to check out your products.
Aso ebi: If I were you, I would walk up to every unmarried girl in my church, the choir leader, the leader of ushers and any department that wears uniforms and tell them I cam design uniform beads for their aso ebi or members (respectively) for a discounted price. Show them some samples you posted on facebook or on other people or on your own neck to convince them.
Boutiques and Make up Studios/ Saloons: Partner with some boutiques, makeup studio, saloons or any shop you can reach females to drop some of your beads for interested women to buy.

Advertise with us: You can advertise your beads on our blog or up coming magazine for just N5000. You can send us picture of your beads to upload regularly we will be happy to help out. Contact us using the contact us or advertise page.

I wish you the best of luck. Do write back telling us your experiences and breakthrough in this business.

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