Garri Business in Nigeria – Garri Wholesale and Retail in Bags

Garri Business in Nigeria – Garri Wholesale and Retail in Bags

Today I will be taking you on a guideline on how you can successfully start a very high profitable garri distribution business in Nigeria, with just a little or no capital.

Garri is one big African food consumed daily around Nigeria and the whole world; many take it as breakfast, while others use it for their lunch or dinner. In the high school and universities, garri is being consumed by students who love socking it for perfect taste.

Garri business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business one can easily start without much stress, and the real truth about this business is that “You will make sales every blessed day”.

Most people who wanted to venture into this business didn’t do it just because they didn’t find useful information on how to start the business and run it successfully. Garri distribution is less competitive unlike other businesses that get loads of interest by people who just want to look around. So just have in mind that venturing into this business will guarantee you total financial freedom in the long run.

As I stated earlier, that you will just need a little capital to venture into this business, the minimum account you can use to start garri business in bags is N20,000 – 24,000 thousand Naira. Yes with just that amount you will be able to start your business and make twice the amount you used to start your business if only you have the right information.

Garri business is called the “almighty multiple income business”, you start with N2 and make six naira in return.

This business will require you to have a good knowledge on how the marketing is done and some other top distribution skills, if you have the required skill and capital, hurry now and start your business.


How to harvest and process cassava to Garri.

Learn all the tips on how you can harvest and process your cassava, and also how you can easily market your finished product to the general public.

Garri is one of the most consumed foods in Africa, some people mix garri with water and salt and drink, while other use boiled water to make it (Eba) after soup preparation. The process involved in getting dry garri is what I will be discussing now. Cassava processing involves 7 steps, I will discuss all the steps one after the other.

1. Harvesting of cassava: This process involves the use of hand or cutlass to uproot the cassava from the ground, this is the first steps that will lead one to the last step.

2. Cutting of the cassava: After harvesting the cassava, this process involves the cutting or pilling off the back of the cassava. This process needs to be done with extra care, if proper care is not applied while cutting your cassava, you may end up leaving some of the back of the cassava.

3. Washing of the cassava tubers: This process involves the sanitation of cassava; you are to use clean water when washing your cassava.

4. Bagging of the cassava: After washing your cassava the next thing you will need to do is to bag your cassava. Bagging of cassava can be done with big Baco bag, rice bag etc. You will need to bag your cassava well so as to enable you pack more inside a bag. If you have your own grinding machine then, you don’t need to bag your cassava, just put in a big basin and proceed to the next steps.

5. Grinding of cassava: After the washing and bagging is being done properly, grind your cassava and proceed to the next steps.

6. Drain off water from grinded cassava: Use wood or bag the grinded garri and hang it till day break.

7. Extract the chaff and fly: Extract the chaf and fly your cassava to get your garri.

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