5 Business Qualities Of Highly Successful Nigerian Sellers Online

5 Business Qualities Of Highly Successful Nigerian Sellers Online

To become a seller on the Kaymu eCommerce community is quite easy; simply register, confirm your registration through your email and click on start selling. As its common with every market with so many sellers, the other part is actually making a sale –becoming a successful seller in Nigeria.

So in this post, we will be sharing with you 5 business qualities of successful Nigerian sellers, enjoy!

1.      Self-fulfilling

The first business quality that sets successful sellers apart in the Kaymu community is their self fulfilling quality. What does it mean to be self-fulfilling?

It means as a seller on Kaymu you take up the responsibility of following up on every order or request from a potential buyer till the transaction is successfully completed. This demands that you initiate the first contact after receiving the order notification email from Kaymu.

The mistake many Kaymu sellers make is waiting for the buyer to initiate the first contact, well; this is an exception and not the rule. Consider yourself extremely lucky if a buyer initiates the first contact with you. In most cases, they don’t!

From our interviews with successful Kaymu sellers, this is largely one of the reasons they attributed to closing the sale. Kaymu is just a platform that enables you to showcase your products to potential buyers in the community; we do not help you run your business. That’s purely your responsibility and part of running your business is fulfilling customers’ orders.

So the next you get an order notification email from Kaymu, take it upon yourself to follow up the buyer until the transaction is successfully completed. By doing this, you increase your odds of closing more sales and ultimately making more money!


2.      Professionalism

The second business quality of highly successful Kaymu sellers is professionalism. What does this mean?

Professionalism is the manner in which you conduct your business. It comprises the skill, attitude, and packaging you bring into your business. Is your shop on Kaymu having a professional look and feel? Do you have your branded logo uploaded? Do you have a compelling description of your business? Do you issue receipts to buyers whether physically [hard copy in print] or virtually [soft copy via email] after each purchase?

Just as you cannot afford to conduct your physical business with unprofessionalism, you can’t also afford to do so on Kaymu. Buyers except the same level of business dealings with you online as you would offline. So give your business on Kaymu some professional touches!


3.      Follow Up

Following up is closely related to the quality of being self-fulfilling, but with a minor difference. What’s this difference?

In several instances, it’s not the first contact with the buyer that closes the sale. This is where “follow up” comes into play. That you have called the buyer for the first time doesn’t mean you stop there; call again a second time and a third and a fourth and a fifth. In salesmanship, this is known as the ‘rule of five’ or ‘five star rule’; meaning you don’t give up on a prospect until after initiating contacts 5 times!

So there you are, the first contact is just that; breaking the ice. If you are fortunate, you get to deliver the product ordered and close the sale within 2 contacts. If you aren’t, it can take a bit longer. Remember, this is eCommerce, which means you don’t get to see the buyer until the day of delivery or pickup. Bear this in mind and don’t give up on your buyers too quickly, they could be very busy and may prolong the delivery or pickup dates.


4.      Proactive/Responsive

Another quality of highly successful Kaymu sellers is being proactive or responsive. It is closely related to the self-fulfilling quality and the follow up quality, but again with a minor twist. What does it mean to be proactive or responsive?

It simply means taking initiatives. That you called the buyer and they didn’t pick up doesn’t put an end to the transaction; by all means send a text [SMS]. If this doesn’t get the buyer’s attention, send an email, change the time you call or better still call with another number!

Being proactive/responsive is all about not waiting for something to happen but taking the initiative to make things happen. Often times, buyers can become complacent and forget about the order they have made, it is up to you to shoot them a reminder.

The key thing here that makes it different from following up and self-fulfilling is your approach; change your style every time you want to be in touch with the buyer. Be creative in your communication.

5.      Excellent customer service

You are not meeting with the buyers and in most cases you won’t if you aren’t the one making the delivery. This is why excellent customer service is very key to completing the transaction and closing the sale.

From the very first contact with the buyer, you can win or lose the sale by your communication tone. If it isn’t as friendly and assuring as possible, then the customer can walk away without completing the transaction. As much as possible, train your people if you have a big team to be friendly, re-assuring and polite while talking to potential buyers on the phone or via email or SMS.

This brings us back to one of the qualities discussed early, professionalism. Every contact with the buyer must carry a professional touch. You cannot afford to handle the calls, emails or SMS with levity. Make a positive impression on the customer and they will follow through with the order and complete the transaction!



The Kaymu eCommerce community is designed to help you make more sales as an online retailer. However, there are certain business qualities that set apart highly successful Kaymu sellers from their counterparts.


We’ve helped you identify 5 of such business qualities, we cannot guarantee that knowing them will make any difference in your sales; we can only guarantee that doing them is what will make a difference in your business and ultimately in your sales on Kaymu!


Share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

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